Deafness won’t be Bain of my life says striker Sean

COMMANDING: Sean Bain uses hand gestures on the park to help deal with being deaf (photo: Gerry McWilliams / panda fotos)


FOR Sean Bain, actions always speak louder than words on the football pitch.

The Carluke FC attacker has suffered with deafness since an early age.

But he’s shown a steely determination not to let his disability prevent him from taking part in the game he loves.

Growing up there would be days when he would beat himself up if he made a mistake after being unable to hear instructions or shouts.

Slowly but surely though the Lesmahagow youngster began to adapt his play to a level which saw him land a callup to the Scottish Deaf squad last year.

Now Bain, still only 17, hopes his story can help inspire others in a similar position.

He said: “I’ve been deaf from an early age and I found it hard to cope with to start with.

“The main problem was if someone was shouting for the ball or giving me instructions I obviously wouldn’t be able to hear them well, if at all.

“That would usually result in me making the wrong decision or pass. Back then I’d always blame myself.

“But over the years I’ve began to cope with my deafness. I’ve embraced it more if you like.

“That’s helped me become more confident of my ability in football.

“Playing with the Scotland Deaf team actually helped my game in general.

“I was able to learn new ways of communicating using visual methods with my hands and even my body.

COUNTRY CALLING: Sean Bain (bottom right) with the rest of the Scotland Deaf squad.

“I’ve also had a lot of help along the way, mainly from my parents Scott and Susan and also some doctors.

“As much as I still struggle with my deafness in football, I’m always looking to find new ways to conquer it.”

Bain joined the Strathclyde Saturday Morning outfit earlier this season and reckons boss Paul Davies is already making him a better player.

He added: “I was very impressed with the way Carluke play. There’s a lot of high pressure, confident, fast-paced football.

“I found the training intense at first and I found it tough to keep up but I’m prepared for it now.

“You can tell the ambitions everyone associated with the club has and I’d love to help them achieve the goals they’ve set for the next couple of seasons.

“I’m really looking forward to being involved in the season ahead.”